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Darren Shane

Darren spent his early days in Melbourne studying Computer Science and Software Development at Deakin University.
He then moved to the sunny state of the Gold Coast, where his tech passion grew.

While in university, he often heard about incomplete or poorly executed projects, a practice he adamantly avoids.
This led him to take action and establish his own company, Akali SEO, with the aim of making a difference and applying his greatest strength, problem-solving.

With his strong passion for AI automation, he is developing a deep machine learning project aimed at training AI systems, working towards the ambitious vision of crafting the world's first entirely self-learning AI without any human input.

Darren loves cooking, especially Japanese and Spanish dishes. It is a new passion since moving to the Gold Coast, often accompanied with music to match.

He takes pleasure in maintaining a consistent gym schedule and possesses a green thumb, particularly when it comes to nurturing aquarium fish and connecting with nature through gardening. Motorcycling has been a long missed hobby of his.

Most of his leisure time is devoted to studying global economic cycles and investing in overseas businesses, predominantly in the United States.

Feel free to grab a coffee and chat about any of above whenever you spot him!

Charlotte Hall
Business Analyst

Charlotte studied BA Business Management and achieved a Foundation Degree. She looks after the internal operations of Akali SEO, working behind the scenes to innovate and turn complex IT products into simple strategies for businesses.

Since moving to Australia, she has developed a new found appreciation for trail hiking adventures and nature.

Working remotely, she is nearly always seen with a double espresso in hand!

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