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Find out the answers to commonly asked questions.

Do you create websites?

Yes of course, we create a modern website for you based on your logo theme colors, register it for you so it's accessible (e.g. and also provide an email system for you (e.g. Our SEO & Ads services will help attract traffic to this website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It involves updating your website to be acceptable by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.
In turn this increases visibility to customers searching for your services.

Why is SEO important?

Over 87% of people search for services online through search engines. If your website is not SEO friendly according to the search engine algorithm, it may not display when people search for your services. We help to be listed in the search results & aim to compete with your local competitors.

What do you do for SEO in simple terms?

We login to the backend of your website and write a report of all the necessary code changes that are required, we also make these changes for you.
After these changes are done, we work on backlinking (every week) to target specific services your business offers & provide you with reports every 3 months to monitor traffic to your website.

What do you do for SEO in complex terms?

SEO Consultation & Website Audit/Update, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Backlinking, Linkbuilding, Updating robots.txt, htaccess files, SSL Check, Googles algorithm adaptation, PPC Management, Sitespeed test, Mobile Compatibility tests, Domain Authority, Google My Business listing, Quarterly Traffic Reporting, Image Alt-Text checks, Anchor checks, Duplication check, XML Sitemap file creation, Google Search Console registration, Orphaned Pages check, Broken Links check, Local Business Schema.

Can you guarantee results?

Short answer: No.
Google warns that any SEO company that can guarantee results is fraudulent.
We never guarantee positive results, however we have achieved this for all of our clients so far.

Can you help me if my website is marked as hacked?

Yes! It is very common for a website to be breached and therefore be marked by search engines as hacked. We can help to rebuild your SEO and help gain visibility again.

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